Crystal Phoenix was born in 1989 by the effort of a single figure: Myriam Sagenwells Saglimbeni who wrote, played, sang and even drew the cover of the homonymous work. This musical genre, which we could term progressive, has been called epic-classic by the authoress. It is epic because, by means of music, she can draw a parallelism with ancient myths (even if with hard rock-heavy influences) and classic because she uses instruments such as: harp, flutes and harpsichord.

M. S. S. and a band of five musicians: Myriam, Roberto Mazza: drums , Silvio Tom: guitar, Patrizio Rametti: guitar, Matteo Pezzicoli: bass guitar, took part in some concerts until 1992, in the same year the group was  dissolved. However, Myriam goes on writing new pieces.

In 1993 the work "Crystal Phoenix" was reprinted by Black Widow Records an then also by Si-Wan Records in Korea.

In 2000 a new band was  formed and a new work was recorded following a proposal by Black Widow

Myriam Sagenwells Saglimbeni: voice, electric and acoustic guitar, bass, 22 cord harp. Tina Vadal: voice, cymbals.
Raymond (Remo) Sgr:  piano, keyboards, flutes, bass.
Roberto Mazza: drums

The work registered with: Electromantic Sinergy (by Beppe Crovella), was published by B.W. in April 2003. This work is entitled TWA  JRG-J-DRAAK SAGA (The legend of the two stone dragons.) in the New Work page, there are infos, demo waves as well as some back stage photos. On the Review page there are also some interviews and reviews about this and about the first work.

Crystal Phoenix group was working  about  live performances, mainly acoustic, with new musicians:

Paolo Marigonda: recorders
Mauro Pelletti:
drums, percussions
Raffaele D'angelo: violoncello

Now (2010) the group is:

Myriam Sagenwells-Saglimbeni
Raymond (Remo) Sgr
Andrea Amico: drums and percussions


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