(The legend of the two stonedragons.)

The perspective of the first work widens up to "Future". In the work there are three sequences of space-time (Past-Present-Future) Through which the parallel stories develop. If  "The Future" is introduced by a prologue, "The Past" needs some explanations. In "The Past" there are two legends, two stories and prophecy. In this part we can feel a sensation of waiting for someone or some event, the same sensation that we can also perceive in a few parts of "The Future".

The general outline of the piece will be clarified later.

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The Future:

1. Total War:
     a. Gloria.
Black out.
2. Remembrance.
3. The new time’s hero.
4. Renegade (beyond the glass).
5. Caled’s last flight.
6. Reminiscence.  

The Past:

7. The maid and the willow.
Dragon Lord.
9. Lullaby.
10. Spring’s dance.
11. War again.


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..and the tale will go on...

Myriam Sagenwells Saglimbeni: vocals, all guitars, bass guitar, 22 strings harp.
Tina Vadalà: vocals, cymbals.  
Raymond (Remo) Sgrò: piano, keyboards, bass guitar, flute and all recorders.
Roberto Mazza: drums



Recorded between April and December 2000

at: Electromantic Sinergy (Beppe Crovella)

Engineer: Claudio Cattero

Cover painting: Myriam Saglimbeni

Arwork by: Jemmalo

Black Widow Records Via del Campo, 8 16124 Genova Italy Tel: 0039-010-246178




2147: the conflict between the South-East Coalition and the North-West Federation comes to an end.  The North-West group uses a final weapon: a bomb with a particular and devastating nuclear reaction, that provokes in the survivors a continuous genetic instability.

2148: contamination is extended all over the planet. The North-West Federation has developed a technology, able to control the genetic instability, based on a XXLSI (extra extra large scale of integration) micro-processors, tridimensional chips made of ceramic alloys. This technology is prerogative of an elite, besides the military caste has at its own disposal a device able to rewrite the genetic code so as to assume different physiognomies.

2149: the news about the discovery of a treatment for the genetic instability becomes widespread, but the Federal Governement denies it. If such a news were true, the population wouldn’t be a slave to chips and the multinational company that produces them would lose power.

2150: an underground movement of resistance was born in the military caste, in order to discover and divulge the treatment for the illness. It is said that this group, known as Warriors of Time, consists of less than ten elements.


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