It starts with the piece "...another life" that introduces the typical early Middle Ages atmosphere, exactly 1500 years ago. The stories are told through metaphors used as expressive means. Parallel stories about war and love are the underlying theme of the piece. These stories concern, above all, a warrior belonging to a white Huns group: the Uhnr-ing-r. The part of the piece called "...this life" tells about event that we can find in our real life.

  Download the demo track in wave format


...another life

1. Damned Warrior

2. 474 Anno Domini

3. Somewhere, nowhere battle

4. Loth-er Siniell

....This life...

5.Heaven to a flower (part 1)
Violet Cristal Phoenix (part 2)

6. Dark Shadow:
the dove and the bat
the last flight


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Finally the first work reissue is ready

We are pleased to announce that this album is available on CD and LP. To compensate for the wait we have enriched the album of bonus content:

  Bonus track form demotape:

- Damned warrior
- Heaven to a flower
- The dove and the bat (instrumental version)

rearrangement for
474 A.D. (2011 version)

Graphic project enriched with original drawings by Myriam.



Copertina edizione Black Widow      Copertina edizione Si Wan

The covers of the two following re-printing that one by Black Widow Records (at the top) was exclusively reproduced on CD and the other one by Si-Wan Records on vinyl too.


Copertina prima edizione

The cover of the first edition was drawn by Myriam S.S. : It had been reproduced on vinyl disc and cassette and today it's impossible to find that version.

You can unload the file .Zip containing all the DEMO version of this work, in MP3 fotmat!

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